Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Adobe Lightroom is not the only app for editing pictures and videos. You can use adobe lightroom alternatives to give a living sensation to your snaps. Some features cannot be found in the adobe lightroom application, like changing background effects and adding animations in pics; in such a case, you can go with alternatives. Also, adobe lightroom alternatives are free to use; You don’t need to pay for them.

Alternatives always function as a right hand for the leading applications. Adobe lightroom alternatives are helpful in cases like facing trouble in downloading adobe lightroom or if your android or mac software version is not allowing you to work with Lightroom.

Add value to your work by downloading the lightroom alternatives free of cost. Get assistance before working with other alternatives through the guide given over usage and downloading methods in the article below.

Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Addition Information Of Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

App name Version Cost Developer
DXO photolab 4.3.1 android 99$ DxO lab
Raw therapee 5.8.0 Free plan John T.
Polarr 6.0.40 Free Daniel
Adobe camera raw 13.0 Free Adobe
Darktable 3.6.0 Free Johannes hanika

What Are Adobe Lightroom Alternatives?

Adobe lightroom mod apk alternatives are fantastic at dealing with editing. They are dealing with many free features like layer support and steep curves. They also have minimum subscription charges than adobe lightroom.

There are many alternatives to Lightroom enlisted below. Choose the right fit according to your need:

  • DXO Photolab: It’s a french photo editing app that converts images, extends dimensions, and corrects flaws. It helps the user to denoise videos and adjusts picture quality automatically.
  • Raw Therapee: It’s a hybrid of Photoshop and Lightroom with the same level of editing effects and tools.
  • Polarr: It is the best alternative to Lightroom through which you can customize your filter effects. It is the free app best suit for beginners and bloggers.
  • Adobe Camera Raw: This tool is specially designed for professional photographers. It supports all the features of adobe, used to convert raw images.
  • Darktable: It is the active application alternative to Lightroom with more powerful essential tools. It functions more with dark images and converts them into a great look.

Top Features Of Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Batch Tool For Renaming

Altering the multiple files of pictures is time-consuming. Get your snaps organized effectively within a minute with the batch renaming tool. This feature stores the file with numbers and also assists in changing files names, tags, and numbers.

Synchronization of Images

The best thing about this feature is that it allows users to synchronize hundreds of images at a time. Select multiple images, then adjust the parameters, you can see the spontaneous result.

Operations of Image Tone

  • This feature helps you modify your picture quality with a pixel lightning tool in a digital way.
  •  It allows users to adjust levels like black and white.
  • You can curve the tone of images by changing the light up and down.
  • It helps to adjust lightning zones through multiple effects.
  • You can tone map and detail the image similar to HDR ones.

Edit Records

It is an advanced feature, highly found in alternatives like DXO and Darktable editors. It maintains the editing memory. Additionally, you can edit and correct complex issues of pictures and videos.

Add or Substitute Watermark

Photographers use watermarks of their branding logos on pictures they edited for fame. You can adjust background variations through this feature too.

Operations of Image Color

  • It enhances the saturation effect of images from increasing to decreasing points with the vellvia tool.
  • Also, you can add three primary color channels and light contrast with this feature.

Contrasting Colors

  • It corrects the color image and adds tint or contrasting colors.
  • Monochrome tool changes the black and white color and modifies the lightness and darkness of contrast images.
  • A color zone is a versatile feature with different color transformations for images.
  • This feature assists you in balancing shadows, highlighting the effect and tones of images.
  • It is a valuable feature that applies changes like photo dimensions and styles.

Additional Features Of Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

  • You can edit your pictures like a photographer without destruction during editing.
  • It has a fast, accelerated processor that can save your time while editing multiple files at a time.
  •  UI feature of Darktable alternative app allows pixeling buffers.
  • The coloring feature manages pictures professionally and adds multiple operations like lightning effect into videos and photographs.
  • You can filter your image through tags and numbers for future use. It helps you find the desirable edited image.
  • Save your photos in different formats like JPEG, RAF, NEF, CR2, and so on.
  • You can remove blemishes and red dots through a fluid effect.
  • All the alternatives mentioned works with Android, Mac, and Linux easily.

How To Install And Download The Adobe Lightroom Alternatives?

First, choose the best free alternative to the Lightroom that fulfills your need.

For Downloading

  • Enable the unknown source from the main menu
  • Choose the alternative app and search it on google
  • Find the right one and click on downloads
  • Wait 5 minutes and let the app download.

For Installation

  • After downloading the app, click the done button.
  • You can see the Installation menu bar
  • Install the app and enjoy the art


What alternatives can replace Lightroom?

The best alternatives to Lightroom are Darktable and Adobe camera raw, most highlighted among the public. You can replace Lightroom with these alternative applications too:

  • Polarr
  • DXO photolab
  • Raw therapee

Are all alternatives of Lightroom free of cost?

Most like Adobe camera, Darktable, and Polarr is charging zero subscription charges. But alternatives like DXO cost a 99$ annual subscription fee that is also affordable.

Which is best, DXO or Adobe camera raw?

DxO has many features regarding the layout and formatting of images. While Adobe camera raw is wholesome. It is the reflective model of Adobe lightroom. It has somehow similar features to Lightroom. So adobe camera raw is the best suit.

Bottom Lines

Adobe lightroom alternatives function similar to Lightroom, like editing and arranging images. They are free of cost and have zero or minimum subscription charges than adobe lightroom. You can avail all the exciting features of adobe in these alternatives with amazing discounts and zero balance.

We have discussed adobe lightroom alternatives briefly. Select and download the most favorable alternative versions for your pictures and media.