Adobe Lightroom Apk

Adobe Lightroom apk is the editor and the camera app that helps you capture and edit videos, images on both small and large scales. It’s essential function is to work in an organized manner with a DSLR. It comes on the market with many stunning features. It is highly popular and has a high ranking in markets of editing and capturing.

Due to advancements, the developer of Adobe Photoshop performed some changes and brought the modified version as Adobe lightroom apk with new features like synchronizing, unique effects, filters, and animations. Now you can edit and capture like a pro photographer whether you are a beginner.

Give a try to adobe lightroom apk once to apply its unique features. If you are looking to download the app or guidance for usage, don’t worry; you can read the guide given below in the article to assist you a lot.

adobe lightroom apk new version

Additional Information of Adobe Lightroom Apk

App name Adobe lightroom apk
Latest update Version 6.4.0
Platform Android, OS 6
Published 18 August 2021
Developer Adobe
Language English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and more
Availability Any apk website


What is Adobe Lightroom Apk?

Adobe lightroom apk is the modest and most refined version of adobe photoshop lightroom for editing and capturing images and videos. It appeared in the market with many exciting features like sync, storage options, interface advancements. Version 3.0 is its oldest version that doesn’t have necessary and demanding features like Adobe lightroom apk version 6.4.0.

However, you can use the adobe lightroom apk app free of cost for one month of duration along with adobe’s other tools like photoshop PS, photoshop mix, and Photoshop fix. The best thing about the lightroom free app is that you can find many easy ways to add graphics to your special occasions or wedding day pics and videos.

Further you can also download the Adobe lightroom Mod Apk free of cost and enjoy all the premium features which we have unlocked for you in the mod version.


adobe lightroom apk great features

Top Features Of Adobe Lightroom Apk

Adobe lightroom apk came with tons of editing and retouching features. Don’t miss out! Here is the list:

Customization of picture

Innovatively retouch your pics through the adobe lightroom mod apk version. It not only enhances the images but also attract viewer towards it. You can adjust the pics position and size precisely as your format. It could be a free ratio or Instagram square 3:9.

Categorize metadata

Metadata keeps pictures in a symmetry and prevents duplication. The metadata feature helps you access captions and titles of images and find info regarding pics and videos. You can access and distinguish easily between an edited photo and a real one through such a feature.

Whiteness key

Lightroom apk balances the white effect scene automatically, or you can adjust it according to scenes. Take your picture to the pro level with a super whitening effect.

Comparing new and old images

You are just one tap away to match the current edited picture with the original one. This adobe lightroom apk helps you in retouching snaps. It also adjusts the effect by comparing it again and again with the original one.

Backup changes in snaps

It is the most needed feature of all the editing apps, so you can find it as a basic need of lightroom apk app that allows users to undo or redo photo editing with a number of taps on given buttons.

Filters addition

This app has many filter effects divided into subcategories. You can apply any product that suits your image parameters. Plus point is must try all the filter effects or use adobe lightroom’s auto filter feature to adjust the pictures automatically. Further there are also some Lightroom MOD APK Full Presets that will help you to get an idea of preset filters. Just download and apply those filters on your photos and enjoy.

Illuminating the graphs

Illumination adds existence and living to the photos, so it counts as an essential feature. You can modify your picture by adjusting contrast, shadows, exposure, and brightness features that add an Illuminated effect to pics.

Modification of colors

You can modify your images with three primary colors through this feature and may adjust luminance, saturation, and tone while editing pics and other media.

Dimension adjustments

Add dimensions through boundary and foggy effects to images. It is one of the trendy features of the adobe lightroom apk that make the app popular among the public. Moreover, it adds creativity to images.

Horizontal and vertical view of the image

Lightroom apk can set the screen vertically and horizontally, both with different modes like landscape and portrait. You can change the position, resolution, and size of snaps through this feature.

Distinct Features Of Adobe Lightroom Apk

Rather than pro features, we have other features of the adobe lightroom apk enlisted below. Have a glance:

  • Standardize your pics, videos, and games with simple editing, healing, and geometry tools. You can crop your image, rotate it, add effects and animations, and more.
  • The raw file format allows users to edit pics clicked through any camera, mobile, or DSLR.
  • Blurry photos get sharpen through sharpening and masking feature of lightroom apk
  • Archive pro level of result with tools like vignette and clarity of lightroom. You can adjust the black and white image smoothness through such effects.
  • Color adjustment tools add emotions in dark and light mode.


How to install & download adobe lightroom apk?

Check out the steps to install and download apk version of Lightroom:

For downloading:

  • First of all, uninstall the old version from your Android.
  • Enable the unknown sources option through mobile settings.
  • Search the app and download it through any website that seems safe. To check the secure site, go for the ratings and views mentioned on the site.
  • Now click the download button given and wait for minutes

For installation:

  • When the file gets downloaded, you can see the bar with the install option on it.
  •  let the app configure by clicking button install
  • The lightroom apk  app get installed within 5 minutes
  • You can see the app in the folder once installed
  • Play the app and enjoy its features.

FAQ’s about Adobe Lightroom Apk

Is there any chance of quality reduction due to the lightroom apk?

No, Lightroom itself is a quality enhancing tool in the field of photography and media editing. It’s a time-saving editing app for files.

Is the lightroom apk free and safe for androids?

Yes, it is safe and free for users. Using this app lets you forget about all other weird editors. You can use the premium version for a month then can continue with the purchase of 9.99$ per month.

Why should I choose adobe lightroom apk?

It’s a wholesome app. Beginners can easily photoshop professionally. So choosing the lightroom apk app makes you the best editor in town with a lack of seeking knowledge about it.

What’s the discrimination between Lightroom apk vs. photoshop?

Lightroom apk is the solution to digital photography. It works faster, like it’s a time-saving app for photographers to edit, enhance, and compile large amounts of images at a time. To work with multiple files and pixeling, graphic designers or photographers choose photoshop. It is just for professionals and graphers. At the same time, Lightroom is for beginners or any editing lover.

Is Lightroom a good fit for both professionals and beginners?

Yes, it’s a good fit for advanced users and ordinary people. A beginner can set its blur to weird images easily with adobe lightroom apk app features.

Bottom Lines

Adobe Lightroom is the finest, beginning-level editing app in a classy manner. Its high-quality features turn a bad piece into a good master copy. One of the advantages of using adobe lightroom apk is that you don’t need to learn rules to use it. Reading the tips and instructions works adequately before starting to edit images and videos.

Moreover, the Adobe Lightroom Android version has no competition with other editors. Its apk version makes it easy to access all features in one place without downloading its software versions especially on PC and laptops. Download the adobe lightroom apk app now and enjoy its features.