Adobe Lightroom CC

Technology has changed the lives of almost all of us by the ease of doing works. You can now have various technologies available to save your time. Such is the ease to those who edit photos with the help of various software. But these people, i.e., photographers and the general public, have the good news that they can save much more time than before and have the qualitative photos with the help of another latest version of Lightroom called Adobe Lightroom CC.

Made explicitly for mobiles and web and computer, this wandering app has much more to do to facilitate editing your pictures on your mobile phone. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss adobe lightroom CC thoroughly and its distinction from the classic version of Lightroom.

adobe lightroom cc

Adobe lightroom Versions

Adobe Lightroom was once exclusively available for desktop computers. Later it was updated to support on mobile. Later in 2017, Adobe introduced Lightroom CC, a new version of Lightroom that is more compatible with Adobe’s mobile apps. The current Lightroom version was renamed Lightroom Classic CC, while Lightroom Mobile was renamed Lightroom CC to match the new desktop version. The difference between Lightroom Classic and CC is quite simple to understand.

Difference between Adobe Classic CC and Adobe LightroomCC

The basic difference lies in its nature that Lightroom classic is a desktop based, whereas Lightroom CC is a cloud-based application. Lightroom CC is a mobile app, a desktop, and a web-based application.

Your photographs are saved in the cloud by Lightroom. Your full-resolution photographs will always be accessible from all of your connected devices, and they will always be backed up. This is ideal if you frequently need to edit and share your photos while on the road rapidly. Your photographs are saved on your local discs and devices when you use Lightroom Classic. This is a follow-up to the original desktop application known to photographers as Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom CC Adobe Lightroom Classic
Used for Desktop, mobile, web Desktop only
Storage location Adobe Creative Cloud Local hard drive
Backup Automatic Not included
Photo Search Automatic tagging and intelligent search Manual Keywords
Ease for use Intuitive, streamlined Quite comprehensive

adobe lightroom cc

Features of Adobe Lightroom CC

Creative Cloud Feature

Having up to 1tb of online storage, lightroom cc can change your workflow. All of your photographs are backed up from deletion. More exciting, all of your photographs are editable on all of your mobile devices, and your edits are synced across all of them.

You may start picking photographs on your main computer, taking your tablet on the bus, making some abrupt changes, then getting to work and sharing the images via your phone.

Selective Adjustments

Selective Adjustment tools, such as the circular filter, gradient tool and adjustment tools, are necessary for editing workflow for anyone who uses Lightroom. It’s like being a kid again, drawing with your fingers, when you can ‘dodge and burn’ a snapshot with your fingertip. It’s entertaining and much more straightforward than using a mouse.

Variety of Healing Brushes

The healing brush in Lightroom is the simplest way to remove undesired components from your photographs – all it takes is a single click or a click and drag, and the offending piece is gone. It’s incredible to have the healing brush on your phone – all you have to do is tap your finger over the object you want to remove, and Lightroom CC takes care of the rest in a flash.

Advanced Image Gallery On A Web Page

You can create a gallery of your own photographs in just a few seconds using the premium version of Lightroom CC, which is far easier than the Gallery feature in Lightroom Classic CC. Viewers can leave comments on your images when you share your gallery link.

Another great feature is editing gallery photographs on any computer, even if it doesn’t have Lightroom installed. This is a best option for professionals when they require client proofing.

Other General Features

  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • In a graphic and appealing environment, you can view, manage, and organize photographs.
  • To increase color, brightness, contrast, noise, size, and other aspects of your image, use various editing tools.
  • All standard picture formats can be edited in a non-destructive manner, leaving the original file unaltered.
  • Having the ability to print photographs with all of their settings.
  • Image search that is both advanced and accurate
  • View photographs in a slideshow with support for video files.
  •  Harmony with the photoshop

Raw Images Editing

Another significant feature of Lightroom CC is to import and edit raw files on your smartphone. Many photographers have long wished for a truly mobile workflow that allows them to import RAW photographs from their camera directly to their tablet or phone, edit them, and share them without ever touching a computer. Importing RAW files from a camera is simple; all you need is a tablet-specific card reader or a camera that supports a USB Once they’re on your phone or tablet, Lightroom CC works its magic to make them load and edit lightning-fast — faster than any PC I’ve ever used. You can also select to sync the RAWs to your main computer through the cloud.

In addition, with the November 2019 update, you may now batch-edit your photos on your mobile device. This was previously available only to desktop users, but now adobe lightroom mod apk for iOS and adobe lightroom mod apk for Android users may make batch adjustments to many photos as well — a great time saver. The Lightroom  app now allows users to import photographs directly into Lightroom with the December 2019 release.

Synchronization of Presets & Profiles

This one will appeal to all professionals in particular. Because you can now sync your presets. In Lightroom CC, you can even build your own presets on your mobile device and have them sync back to your primary computer.

Continue reading if you’re looking for some free Lightroom mobile presets to experiment with.


It can be convenient to straighten horizons and twisted buildings with a single tap of the finger. Lightroom’s auto Geometry tools are especially beneficial — with just one press, Lightroom can determine what should be straight and almost always gets it right. If you fail to capture a landscape with a camera tripod, you can level out your image with a single press of your finger in Lightroom CC’s unlocked version throughout your edits.

Sensei Search

This remarkable feature has many promising magics to do because, as an Artificial Intelligence function, it improves as it learns more.

Even if you’ve never keyworded any of your images, Sensei Search allows you to search across your entire photo library using a keyword.

This is like an all-in-one package if you’re lazy with keywording. Finding photos in seconds that are hidden away in a massive catalog is a huge time saver.

adobe lightroom cc

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Step1: Download the software of Adobe lightroom CC from Google chrome.

This software will be in the zip file.

Step2: After completion of downloading, go to the downloaded folder of your Pc or C drive and              open the downloaded zipped file to install it.

Step3: Use winRAR or winZip, or other Window command to extract the zip file.

Step4: After extracting the file, open setup.exe to install the lightroom cc on your Pc.

Step5: Install the application after opening the installer and accepting the terms.

Once installation gets complete, you can use the app by signing on the cloud id.


Has the name of Lightroom’s desktop version changed?

Adobe Photoshop lightroom Classic is a renamed version of previously used Lightroom mod apk for pc. It is designed specifically for desktop including local photo storage. The UI, photo import and categorization capability, and editing toolset are all similar to previously available. We’re still investing in Lightroom Classic.

What is the purpose of Adobe Lightroom CC?

Lightroom is a cloud-based application that lets you create, edit, organize, store, and share photos from any device. Editing can be done from anywhere. Sliders and presets are simple to use and allow you to produce photographs that look exactly as you want them.

Is Lightroom cc free to use?

No, Lightroom is not free to use for the unlimited time. It requires an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription starting at $9.99 per month. But you can use free trial of 30 days. Additionally, there is also a free Lightroom mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.

Bottom Lines

Conclusively, In this article, we have discussed the Lightroom CC and explain to you the difference between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. It is a fantastic app with unlimited multiple features of editing images to give your photo a look your desire.

Additionally, if you further go to their paid version, you will wonder to see the magic as we have discussed in this article, i.e., its enchanting features. So it is time to breathe your images so that you can confidently share with your friends, family and on social media. Also, we have discussed the easy and simple downloading process so that you may not face any difficulty in downloading it. Just go and have fun with this awesome app.