Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk For IOS Free Download 2021 Latest Version

Technology’s advancement has increased its influence in practically every element of life. Some types of interference can be beneficial. The demand for editing is increasing as the competitiveness in this industry continues to rise. For this purpose, there is a large variety of applications available. Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk For IOS software is one of the most effective among all competent apps. Additionally, with the Lightroom Mod version for Android and ios both, Adobe has surpassed its competitors.

In this article, we will look in detail at the Adobe lightroom Mod Apk for ios to have the idea of this great app.

Mod apk for iOS

Mod Apk Additional Information

Name of application Adobe lightroom Mod apk
Latest version 6.4.0
Size 93.17 MB
Platform Ios, AndroidAndroid
Genre Editing, Photography
Developer Adobe
MOD features Premium unlocked


Adobe Lightroom Mod apk for iOS

Adobe Lightroom Mod(premium) apk is a photo editor and pro camera app from Adobe that perfectly integrates new technology. Adobe Lightroom gives customers the freedom to make photographs that suit their preferences, thanks to its unique capabilities. You can use this fantastic app not only on your Android but also on iOS, Mac, desktop, and web too. We believe that consumers will be entirely satisfied with our program after their first use. Be with us by keep reading this article to learn some of its promising characteristics.

Significant attributes of Adobe Lightroom Mod apk

Professional-level camera for stunning images

To begin with, Adobe Lightroom users for AndroidAndroid will have access to an incredible built-in camera with numerous professional functions. With numerous fascinating control options, you can effortlessly capture your images and enrich the visual experiences.

Enjoy the app’s intuitive interfaces and gesture commands as you adjust the focus, brightness, exposure, timer, and a variety of other advanced photographic options. Additionally, the program allows you to export your photographs in HDR and RAW formats, making later editing much more manageable.

ios mod apk lightroom

Retouch Your Photos Anywhere With This Portable Editor

There’s also fantastic mobile editing software for those interested, which allows you to change and customize your photographs whenever and anywhere you choose. You may have the best portable editing experiences here. Prepare your raw photos and begin using Adobe Lightroom’s efficient yet straightforward editing features. In only a few seconds, you can modify the lighting, color and apply various graphic effects to the photographs by tapping and dragging the sliders.

Enhance Your Photographs

With the help of the following tools, you can enhance your photos. Transform a sloppy photo into a useful one.

  • To change light and color, apply photo filters and much more, tap and drag sliders.
  • To make photos pop, retouch the light and colors.
  • You can use crop tool and rotate tool to determine the size and aspect of your image.
  • Geometry siders are helpful tools that can be used while using Lightroom premium apk

Enjoy A Variety Of Useful Settings And Filters

Additionally, you may now use Adobe Lightroom’s presets and effects for rapid and effective photo editing. You may effortlessly capture any image with your professional camera and apply whatever aesthetic effects you desire to your photographs here. Your photographs will be successfully empowered thanks to the intuitive and intriguing adjustments.

Additionally, you may create your own presets with specific combinations of visual effects and store them in the app for those who are interested.

mod lightroom apk ios free version

Premium Mod Features

  • To synchronise, auto-add images to Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Geomatery tool
  • Showcase your photographs online in perfect sync, even if they’ve been modified.
  • Tags are automatically detected for photos.
  • The Lightroom Premium plugin is the most fantastic option to back up your photographs.
  • You can also use Google assistant to find photos that are similar to what you’re looking for.
  • It improved Lightroom CC Web’s sharing management.
  • Bugs have been fixed, and exporting now takes a fraction of the time it used to.
  • There is no problem with advertisements.

Lightroom system requirements for macOS

To download Lightroom Mod apk on ios or Mac, you must consider following system requirements.

Least requirement Recommend
Processor Multicore intel M1 apple silicon
RAM 8 Gb 16 Gb
Hard disk 2Gb , additional free space is required
Resolution of monitor

graphics card

1024 by768 1920 by1080
Operating system Gpu with metal support, 2Gb of Vram Gpu with metal support, 4Gb of Vram for 4k or greater display
Internet Must have access

Download Lightroom Mod apk on iOS

Step 1: Firstly, download adobe lightroom mod apk from google.

Step 2: After that, you will have to wait a minute for the download to complete.

Step 3: When downloading finished, follow the given steps to install the app.


How to install?

Step 4: Go to your device’s “Settings” menu.

Step 5: Then, general settings should be selected.

Step 6: Then select the profiles and device management.

Step 7: Now select Adobe Lightroom profile from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: Then press the trust button.

Step 9: Once you have completed this step, you’ll be ready to move on to the next

You may now install Adobe Lightroom MOD Apk without difficulty.

Lightroom Paid Subscription Up-gradation For iOS

Update the free version of your lightroom mod on your iOS device. It will give access to premium features and more storage. These steps will help you to upgrade your free trial to paid one.

Step 1: On your iOS device, open the Lightroom app.

Step 2: Select premium features from the upper-right area of the screen by tapping the symbol.

Step 3: Upgrade by pressing the Upgrade button.

Step 4: To get a Lightroom subscription with premium features and greater cloud storage, follow the directions.

adobe lightroom cc

How To Download Lightroom Premium Apk On iOS/Mac?

To acquire Lightroom mod apk for free, you’ll need an Android emulator that supports Android applications; you can use BlueStacks to run apps on a PC or laptop.

Download Lightroom Mod APK For iOS/Mac

If you have a Mac, you may utilize the Lightroom mod apk software on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac. Follow the the given steps.

Step 1: Download bluestacks emulator.

To begin the downloading process, get the BlueStacks emulator from google (macOS version).

Step 2: Open the downloaded folder and run Bluestacks.

Install Bluestacks by opening the downloaded file from the download folder where it was saved.

Step 3: Open the Emulator and start it up.

Run the Emulator after it has been installed on your Macbook.

Step 4: Use your Gmail account to log in.

Sign in to the App Store using your cloud id; alternatively, you can create an account right now.

Step 5: Download the Lightroom mod apk.

Type Lightroom mod apk into the search bar and install it. The Adobe Lightroom application will download into your Emulator in a matter of seconds (bluestacks).

Step 6: Complete the download and open it.

You can use the lightroom mod apk after you have completed the download process on your Emulator.

So, on your Mac, open the app and enjoy it.


What is the best way to tell if my iPhone or iPad can capture photographs in Adobe DNG format?

Starting with version 2.5, Adobe lightroom for mobile (iOS) supports DNG raw picture capture on any iphone or ipad with at least a 12 megapixel camera and iOS 10.0 or latest.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription of lightroom from the app Store or the google play store??


Apple manages any Lightroom membership you buy from the App Store through your iTunes account. Yes you can withdraw from your subscription through the app store on your ios device. View, update or cancel your subscriptions in Apple documentation for step-by-step methods. Just request to refund your amount from app store or itunes store purchase in Apple documentation.


Google manages any Lightroom membership you buy from the google play store. You can cancel your subscription by google play store app. Google documentation has step-by-step instructions for cancel, stop, or adjust a subscription on google play. Get a refund on google play which has guidance for billing concerns and refunds.

How can I verify if the High Dynamic Range (HDR) recording mode is supported by my iOS or mobile device?

Your device must have the most updated version of Adobe lightroom for mobile. Adobe lightroom iOS version 2.7 now supports HDR capture mode on any apple device with at least a 12megapixel camera and iOS 10.0 or latest. Refer to capture high-contrast scenes in HDR mode for additional information on HDR capture mode (iOS).

Is Lightroom for iOS available for free?

Lightroom for apple devices is now completely free, with no requirement for a desktop app or a membership for a limited period of time . One thing Adobe did not mention in its recent rush of product releases is that Adobe’s Lightroom for iPad and iPhone apps are now free to use for anybody.


To summarize, we all know that Adobe is the greatest when it comes to picture editing programs on PCs, and this is also true on mobile phones, such as AndroidAndroid and iOS, with Adobe Lightroom being one of the finest. We’ve also seen that Adobe Lightroom Mod apk, the premium edition of Lightroom, has eclipsed all prior records in terms of editing quality. I believe Adobe Lightroom mod apk is the greatest, thanks to its Cloud synchronization feature, which allows you to edit on several devices.

As a result, we’ve gone through all of the significant aspects of Adobe Lightroom Mod for iOS, including system requirements, capabilities, and the download process. I am confident that you will use what I am talking about. So, if you are an apple mobile user, go ahead and start getting the benefits of this beautiful app. Now it is the time to download the app on your apple device and start using it.