Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset

Having effective photo editing software has become the need of the hour due to the growing spread of various social media apps usage. A few years back, people used to edit their images through desktop applications. However, due to the advancement of technology, now we can do editing on our phones with the help of various photo editing software, notably Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset.

For the most part, this is a good thing because it allows the users to essentially do everything in photo editing without lugging their laptops everywhere with them.  Programs like Adobe Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset will enable us to edit our photos with the ease of using various presets of Lightroom. These photo-editing presets have been around for a long time with complete reliability. This is a must-have app for those who want to take amazing images, whether they’re professionals or not.

Therefore in this article, we will share with you about Adobe Lightroom Presets free download that enables you to enjoy this beautiful app with all of its premium features free of cost.

lightroom mod apk presests

What is Adobe Lightroom MOD apk?

Before proceeding, it is essential to know about Adobe Lightroom MOD apk and what is included in its full presets.

Adobe Lightroom mod apk is a photo editing and professional camera program. Users can use this app to take and edit high-quality professional images.

Not only can this program edit images after they’ve been taken, but users can also click on photos that have previously been modified. The most excellent part about Lightroom and its presets is that it was created by Adobe, which has already covered a large portion of the market when editing anything.  Adobe’s Lightroom  MOD apk presets are one of the best tools in the market right now. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Adobe lightroom premium mod details

Name of Application Adobe Lightroom Premium
Size 93MB
Version 6.4.0
Last updated August19, 2021
Offered by Adobe
Total downloads 100,000,000
Genre Photography
MOD Features Premium unlocked


Salient Features of Adobe Lightroom Mod presets

Able to use premium adobe free of cost

One of the appreciating features of Adobe Lightroom is that you can unlock its premium mod and can download free of cost on your computer and Mobile.

Work as a camera

lightroom presests

This app’s camera feature is fantastic, and it allows you to take professional-looking photos. By combining the many effects of the Adobe camera, users may produce stunning photographs. Users can use presets, timers, exposure, and various other tools to bring out the true beauty of their pictures. This software also has multiple camera capture modes, such as professional mode, HDR mode, and others.

Adobe cloud to store photos

Lightroom Pro provides a smart way to keep track of your photos. Your photos can be protected as a backup in Adobe Creative Cloud to use whenever you need them. Use Auto Add to import and synchronize your photographs with Adobe Creative Cloud automatically.

Catalog photos

One of Photoshop Lightroom’s premium presets features is the ability to organize all of the photos on your Windows device. You may upload all of your photos to the cloud and arrange them using keywords and star ratings. To utilize the cataloging feature, you don’t have to open photographs in Edit mode.

lightroom presests mod apk

Lightroom MOD APK Full Presets(All in one)

The best feature of adobe lightroom premium mod is that you have access to all presets (100+) of this fantastic tool free of cost. i. e, colors effects, adjustments, filters, sliders, cropping, healing tool

Edit at any time and place

Another advantage that you have with Lightroom premium is to edit your images anytime and anyplace because this app would be on your cell phone. With one of the world’s most comprehensive and user-friendly photo editing tools, turn a raw shot into a powerful image. Apply  filters to your photos to adjust light and colors , and more, tap and drag sliders wherever you are.


presets for lightroom mod apk

Easy to share

Users can collect diverse photographs and share the entire album at once with this Adobe Lightroom mod’s outstanding sharing features. Users can create group albums to invite people and store all of their images in one location. Users can have their pictures exhibited on the impressive showcase for others to view. Users can also learn new photography techniques from other excellent editors and photographers through the app’s community.

Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset Premium Features

  • To synchronize, auto-add images to Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • The upright, Guided Upright Geometry Slider option is available on the Geometry tab.
  • Display your photos online with flawless synchronization, even if they’ve been edited.
  • Simple search: auto-detection of tags based on the photo’s circumstances.
  • Lightroom Premium mod is the best way to save your photos for backup.
  • Google Assistant can help you find photographs that are similar to what you’re looking for
  • You can now add your custom watermarks during the export process.
  • It improved sharing management in Lightroom CC Web.
  • Bugs have been repaired, and exporting now takes slightly less time than before.
  • There are no advertisements issue.

lightroom presests for mod apk

What are Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset and why they use?

When editing your images in Lightroom’s “Develop” module, you may play about various variables like exposure, contrast, color, tone curve, and so on to achieve new effects and styles. When you’re satisfied with the result, you can store the settings to use on other photos later. A file with the extension. the template is created when you save your settings, referred to as a “preset.” We’ll show you how to import your presets into your Lightroom application using Lrtemplate files, which are simple to install.

How to free download Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset on PC?

It is pretty easy to install Lightroom presets on your phone by following the given steps.

Firstly-Unzip the downloaded file of presets

To begin, unzip the presets folder you downloaded. On your PC, right-click the zipped folder and select extract all from the down menu. Double-click the file on a Mac, and the operating system’s unzipping application will take care of the rest.

Secondly-Save Presets

After unzipping the presets, it is required to save the files to your cloud storage service. This enables you to access presets from your phone also.

Thirdly-Open Lightroom App and Add Presets File

Click (…) Settings in the top-right corner of the app to add a preset.

Fourthly- Select the option to “Add Photos.”

Then, after importing files, click on the three dots inside a circle at the upper right-hand corner of the computer screen. Choose “Create Preset” from the given options.

Fifthly-Name You Are Presets

Give a name to your preset. It is suggested to give the name on the image of the preset font so that you cannot get confused.

Sixthly-Make a Group

In addition, you should save the preset to a Preset Group. By default, it is in the user presets group. The presets from each collection will be kept together if you create a new group with the name of your new pool.

Repeat the process for each DNG/preset file.

Free Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset on Mobile

Installing mobile Lightroom MOD APK Full Preset  is a bit time-consuming process, so I’ll go through it in further detail.

First, create a new album in the Lightroom app on your Mobile. In the Albums section, select the (+) icon (right on your screen).

Secondly, Open the new album and load all the presets. Go to the right below of the mobile screen to create presets, and select the + & photo icon.

Add all your required files and choose your Mobile presets.

Thirdly, open one of the presets  from those you have just loaded in Lightroom. Select create preset from the three dots at the top right of the screen.

Fourthly, Name and save your preset. You can also select a new group to place your items in.

Fifthly, you can choose any of your images to view.

Lastly, now go through your presets and use them on your images.


How to apply Lightroom MOD APK Full presets?

Once your presets are installed, it is pretty easy to apply them to your images. You can use presets on individual pictures as well as on the entire import file too. What you have to do is simply opening the particular image and clicking on the presets option.


My presets are unable to operate in JPEG file images; what should I do?

Make sure the preset is paired with a JPEG profile. If a non-JPEG/RAW-only profile is paired with a preset, it will not operate with a JPEG file.

When does the Lightroom Presets best work?

Lightroom presets the best work when a shoot or photo is in its fullest raw form because it has all the information of the image initially, like sharpness. Brightness, contrast.

Some of my Lightroom Presets are not operating. How would I reset them?

Try the following to locate your missing presets: Some presets are only partially suitable with the selected photo because not all of the preset’s settings can be applied to the image. Go to the edit – preferences -presets (windows) or Lightroom classic – preference – presets (macOS) and select show partially compatible develop presets to see the partially compatible presets.

Where to find the presets folder in Lightroom?

  • Go to “Preferences” in Lightroom.
  • Click on Lightroom presets folder in the preference window.
  • The presets folder in Lightroom (as explained above) will open.

For how many times does the prest link work?

You can download your purchase a maximum of 25 times. Before the link gets expires, You’ll have to buy another collection after 25 downloads to gain access to the product again. Make a backup copy of the purchase after the initial download to avoid the issue of link expiry.

Bottom Lines

To conclude the article, it is clear that Adobe Lightroom apk full presets allow its users to give their pictures the look of their desire. Additionally, we have also seen the wondering features of Adobe Lightroom premium mod, due to which its users are increasing day by day. In the article, we have also learned how to free download lightroom mod apk full prests on PC and Mobile. You will indeed have to try this beautiful app and its features after reading this article. Go and install Lightroom presets in your Adobe Lightroom today.